Monday, June 8, 2015


Meat Slicer 'All Will Be Revealed' 7"
Napalm Death Is Dead/Penis Geyser 7" *
Exacerbacion/Penis Geyser cassette *
Penis Geyser s/t cassette *
Cunts 'Live At Studio Dom' cassette *
Morbid Vomit 'Friends Are For Killing' cassette *
Kazumoto Endo/Penis Geyser 7"


Thursday, June 12, 2014


Penis Geyser s/t tape. I considered calling this 'The Fourteenth Tape'. Recordings made at Barclay House in Baltimore a few years back, stripped down, hacked apart, reassembled. Samples here:
Cunts 'live at studio dom' tape. Around fifteen minutes of drums and vocals noisecore from Frozen Panty and Fuckin' A (aka: Cock Candy), supplemented with crowd noise, heckling, and soundchecks. Amazing live Tokyo recording from 2012 comparable in both intensity and stupidity to old WBI recordings played by Destroy 2, or perhaps D&V played by apolitical mongoloids. Samples here:


Exacerbacion/Penis Geyser tape. Costa Rica's crunchy grinders provide us with ten minutes of monotonous noisegrind on this while, while Penis Geyser provides a collection of noisecore trash.

Meat Slicer 'all will be revealed' 7". Alternately sludgy and speedy drum-machine gore from Michigan. Has been compared to Autopsy, Mortician, and Agathocles (though I'm not entirely sure why). Still, a pretty great, groovy deathgrind release. Years later and I'm still proud of this one.

All of the above are $3 each, plus shipping. Rates are as follows:

7"/cassette: $3.00 first item, .50 additional
cassette: $7.00 first, $1.00 additional
7": $9.50 first, $1 additional
cassette: $8.00 first, $2.00 additional
7": $11.00 first, $2.00 additional